Roderick Brothers

Roderick Brothers

The combination of a health scare and my wife getting pregnant with our first child sparked my lifestyle change. Losing 40+ pounds with the help from my personal trainer inspired me to dive into the fitness industry head first. My experience from being on both sides of the fence allows me to understand the hard times of this journey and know ways to combat them. Teaming that up with my knowledge, energy and ability to motivate, allows me to have great success with those who are ready to transform their lives. My main focus is fat loss, not weight loss, so training with me allows you to keep your shape and muscle while becoming so lean itll be time to buy new clothes. The style of training I lean toward that has yielded the best results for my clients is a blend of High intensity cardio with super sets of resistance training. My other specialties are partner/couple workouts and cardio kickboxing. I am also certified black so not only will you burn calories during cardio kickboxing, you will also learn how to throw strikes with proper technique. I look forward to training with you and celebrating your results soon.

personal trainer


  • ISSA certified personal trainer
  • 1st degree black belt in goshin Jujitsu
  • Mixed Martial Arts Instructor
  • CPR certified


  • Strength Training
  • fat loss
  • body sculpting
  • cardio kickboxing


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At Raging Fit Fitness, we are powerful, we are fearless, we are fighters. We understand the strength it takes to stand alone in your vision. We know the mental, physical, and emotional strain of working hard to make your dreams become a reality.

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